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there’s a lot of power when you realize

you don’t owe anybody an explanation

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❝ Give up the notion that you must be sure of what you are doing. Instead, surrender to what is real within you, for that alone is sure.

— Baruch Spinoza 

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❝ To smile to our pain is the wisest, the most intelligent, the most beautiful thing we can do. There is no better way.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

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❝ Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.

— Rumi

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❝ Even in the most peaceful surroundings the angry heart finds a quarrel. Even in the most quarrelsome surroundings the grateful heart finds peace.

—  Doe Zantamata  

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❝ My grandfather always said that living is like licking honey off a thorn.

— Louis Adamic 

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❝ There is no final, satisfying way to balance our need to be known with our need to be alone. The balance is always uncertain and provisional; it’s always a matter of dissatisfaction, give-and-take, and sacrifice…It’s up to each of us to balance the risks and rewards—to trade, in right proportion, loneliness for freedom, explicability for mystery, and the knowable for the unknown within ourselves.

— Joshua Rothman, “Virginia Woolf’s Idea of Privacy” 

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❝ Whoever gives nothing has nothing. The greatest misfortune is not to be unloved, but not to love.

— Albert Camus 

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❝ When you go out into the woods and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You appreciate it. You see why it is the way it is. You sort of understand that it didn’t get enough light, and so it turned that way. And you don’t get all emotional about it. You just allow it. You appreciate the tree. The minute you get near humans, you lose all that. And you are constantly saying ‘You’re too this, or I’m too this.’ That judging mind comes in. And so I practice turning people into trees. Which means appreciating them just the way they are.

— Ram Dass

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❝ There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.

— ― Rachel Carson 

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Tim Tharp, The Spectacular Now


Tim Tharp, The Spectacular Now

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❝ You don’t have to spend another day walking on eggshells, apologizing for existing. You can decide today that your life matters, your story is essential, and learn to dance in the glory of being alive.


With love,

Dele Olanubi

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